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Month: March 2017

Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics will turn the GameLoft shooter into a tactical strategy game

A while back, GameLoft released Blitz Brigade, a team-based first-person shooter similar in style to Team Fortress 2, complete with over-the-top action and characters. Now the company is spinning off that game with a new entry, Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics. This tactical strategy game looks like it will be GameLoft’s answer to similar mobile titles like Supercell’s Clash Royale. See also: Best Strategy RPGs and Tactical RPGs on Android July 14, 2016 Like Clash Royale, Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics looks like it will have a cartoon-like art style, but with a G.I. Joe vs Cobra influence rather than a fantasy...

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Beejus takes it back with “I've Arrived” [Premiere]

Bay Area native Beejus has been crafting a “FreeSpirit”-ed brand of hip-hop that stresses the importance of authenticity, self-worth, and allowing yourself to be unconventional. Unlike some of his fellow conscious contemporaries, Beejus not only embodies this ideology in his music but has also exemplifies it in his community outreach in Oakland, which includes an adult neighborhood […] The post Beejus takes it back with “I’ve Arrived” [Premiere] appeared first on EARMILK. Go to Source Author:...

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Crescent Moon and Rossman Bros.' 'Get Me Outta Here' Submitted to App Store

Crescent Moon Games and the Rossman Bros. have announced that their new game Get Me Outta Here has been submitted to the App Store, and it’s expected to release sometime in the next few weeks, quite possibly in April. Starring an old, balding farmer who got abducted by aliens, he has to fight his way off of an alien ship scheduled for destruction by humanity. They’re willing to not blow up the ship if he can take care of these deadly aliens, who are just jerks. Seriously, they kidnapped and weaponized his cow. This old guy’s got some moves, though I imagine his knees are gonna be killing him if he makes it out alive. You’ll have a timer to contend with that extends with each boss you take out, but good luck staying alive that long. Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel Get Me Outta Here has a cool combo of high score chaser gameplay with an actual objective to go for. Various modifiers can help you by making the game easier at a cost of points, or get you higher scores through increased difficulty. The game will be free with various incentivized ads, but a full game unlock will be available, along with an “indie supporter” unlock that’s more expensive, but contains several exclusive gun skins. Check this one out soon. Go to Source Author: Carter Dotson...

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'Deemo' Gets “Forgotten Hourglass” DLC Concluding Story

We have some fans of Deemo [$1.99], a rhythm game by Rayark, around here. And they’re excited to find out that Deemo has new DLC today, concluding the story that started in 2013, continued in 2015, and is now finally at its conclusion. This DLC, “Forgotten Hourglass,” features a multiple playthrough system, with new scenes to let players experience Deemo in ways that they hadn’t done so before. 25 new songs are available, including classical pieces and works from modern musicians such as Michiru Ōshima. 10 new charts for Extra difficulty are available, and over 20 new collectible have been added. And if you want to see the ending of the game faster, the new light orb system is there to help you out. Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel There’s more content outside of the “Forgotten Hourglass” DLC. If you bought the “Shattered Memories” DLC, 4 new free songs have been added to that. And the “Collaboration Collection” has the “Knots Way” song from Crusaders Quest [Free]. Plus, some UI, UX, and save game issues have been tweaked and fixed. This is set to be the final chapter for Deemo, but hey: games that get updates several years after release with DLC are few and far between. “Forgotten Hourglass” is available for a launch sale of $4.99. Go to Source Author: Carter Dotson Go to Source Author:...

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[Update: US and Canada to get phone in May] BlackBerry KEYone launch delayed

Update: Steve Cistulli, the president of TCL Communication North America, has posted on Twitter stating that the US and Canada launch for the BlackBerry KEYone “will be in May”. Original story: The BlackBerry KEYone, the upcoming Android-based smartphone with the company’s familiar physical keyboard, was officially announced in late February at MWC 2017. At the time, BlackBerry and the phone’s manufacturer, TCL Communications, said the KEYone would go on sale in April. Now it looks like we will have to wait a while longer to get our hands on this phone. See also: LG G6 vs BlackBerry KEYone quick look...

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