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Month: September 2017

'Clash Royale' 2v2 'Touchdown' Mode Shown Off in Tournament, Coming Soon

Good news, Clash Royale [Free] players. Your favorite game is about to get a brand new mode, and it looks and plays very differently than everything else we’ve played before. This new mode is called Touchdown, and it can only be played in 2v2 (at least for the time being). The developers showed off Touchdown earlier today, and you can check it out here. This mode is a draft-only mode and is played on a field with no towers, rivers, or bridges; instead, it’s played on a field with two end zones, one on each side. Every time a troop walks into the end zone, you get a crown. At three crowns, you win the game. Most minions can only be played within a specific part of the field, and spells can be played anywhere on the field. Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel Some cards are excluded from the Touchdown mode possibly because of how they would pretty much break the game. Hog Rider, Miner, Flying Machine, Mega Knight, Bats, Cannon, and some other cards (all subject to change at this point) won’t be available, most of them for obvious reasons. The mode will be coming our way in the October update, so get ready for some Touchdowns. Go to Source Author: Tasos Lazarides Go to Source Author:...

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Micah James speaks on his upcoming collaboration with The Main Museum [Interview]

On October 1st, LA based artist, musician, and poet Micah James is going to be hosting & curating an event called “Queer Isn’t Kept: Amplification In Black Queer Voice” tomorrow in collaboration with The Main Museum in Downtown LA from 4 pm to 7 pm (Free admission). The event will be focused around an eclectic line-up […] The post Micah James speaks on his upcoming collaboration with The Main Museum [Interview] appeared first on EARMILK. Go to Source Author:...

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Why are smartphone chips suddenly including an AI processor?

If virtual assistants have been the breakthrough technology in this year’s smartphone software, then the AI processor is surely the equivalent on the hardware side. Apple has taken to calling its latest SoC the A11 Bionic on account of its new AI “Neural Engine”. Huawei’s latest Kirin 970 boasts a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU) and is billing its upcoming Mate 10 as a “real AI phone“. Samsung’s next Exynos SoC is rumored to feature a dedicated AI chip too. Qualcomm has actually been ahead of the curve since opening up the Hexagon DSP (digital signal processor) inside its Snapdragon flagships to heterogeneous...

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The best new games we played this week – September 30

It’s been a pretty good week overall for mobile games. It’s certainly not the most exciting, but there are still some diamonds in the rough. We’ve got a fantasy action RPG set in Middle-earth, there’s some fun arcade titles, and even a board game thrown into the mix. Here are four of our favorites from the past seven days. [Read more]Go to Source Author: Go to Source Author:...

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God Mother: Vilseledd

Sweden’s God Mother blend black metal, d-beat, grind, math rock, and more, contorting tradition rather than kowtowing to it. Their hellish new album offers occasional glimpses of greatness. Go to Source Author:...

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