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Month: September 2019

Google faces fresh antitrust probe for trying to make Chrome safer

Google has been subject to various antitrust investigations in the recent past. Now, fresh allegations are being dumped on the Mountain View-based tech company for planning to adopt a new internet protocol called DNS over HTTPS (DoH). An investigation is being conducted by the US House Judiciary Committee, reports Wall Street Journal. Investigators want to assess if Google uses any personal user data gained through the DoH protocol for commercial purposes. As per WSJ, the Judiciary Committee had shared a letter with Google inquiring about its intentions to use the new protocol on September 13. Editor’s Pick Google’s quantum supremacy: What it means Google/Erik Lucero Last week, Google researchers claimed to have reached “quantum supremacy,” according to an article in the Financial Times. Google’s paper was briefly posted on a NASA website before being removed. In it, researchers claim … The DNS over HTTPS protocol is designed to increase user privacy and prevent manipulation of DNS data by passing it over an HTTPS connection. It is also useful in preventing man-in-the-middle attacks wherein users are directed to a malicious IP address. Google is expected to test the new protocol in the Chrome browser starting next month. If implemented, the DoH protocol could take away access to precious DNS browsing data from wireless and cable companies. The report adds, “House investigators are worried this would give the Internet giant an...

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‘Minecraft Earth’ Early Access Will Begin Rolling Out to More Countries from Tomorrow with New Ones Added Each Week until the End of the Year

Mojang teased an augmented reality Minecraft experience for smartphones a while ago. That was eventually revelaed to be Minecraft Earth and we’ve been slowly learning more about it over time. They even had a demo at WWDC. After opening up closed beta sign ups on iOS and Android for a few regions, Mojang had a big announcement for those living in the rest of the world at MINECON. Usually, huge projects like this see soft launches in a few countries for a while before rolling out everywhere. Mojang wants everyone to get a taste of Minecraft Earth soon. Watch the new trailer for it below: Minecraft Earth is built on the bedrock engine and has been inspired by that old E3 HoloLens demo from Microsoft’s showcase. After seeing a very small rollout in five cities only, a larger rollout begins from October. This will see more countries added each week. The plan now is to have the rollout be complete by the end of the year. If you’re interested, sign up here for more information on when Minecraft Earth is available for you to check out. I’m definitely curious to see how Mojang and Microsoft adds to the experience here. Minecraft is one of the best games for post launch support already. Go to Source Author: Mikhail Madnani Go to Source Author:...

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Need an affordable flagship? Realme X2 Pro with Snapdragon 855 Plus is coming

Update, September 30 2019 (5:14AM ET): Realme mentioned the Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset on Weibo back in July (seen in the original article below), fueling speculation that it was planning a phone with this chipset. Now, chief marketing officer Xu Qi Chase has confirmed on Weibo (h/t: GSMArena) that a Snapdragon 855 Plus Realme phone is indeed in the works. The Realme executive notes that the phone is codenamed “super warrior.” Check out the machine-translated post below: Xu Qi Chase/Weibo We don’t know much else about the new phone, but it’s interesting to note that Chase sent the post from the “Realme X2 Pro super warrior” handset. So it looks like the phone’s final name will be Realme X2 Pro. This will be Realme’s first proper flagship, as it’s relied on lower tier Snapdragon or MediaTek silicon since its phones first came to market. Realme CEO Madhav Sheth previously told GSMArena that the firm would only use the Snapdragon 855 silicon if the device really needed its capabilities (e.g. AI, imaging etc). Sheth also suggested that the Snapdragon 855 didn’t differ from the Snapdragon 710 processor when it came to day-to-day usage. Either way, a flagship chipset should deliver a higher level of future-proofing compared to a mid-range processor. Original article, July 16 2019 (5:01AM ET): Qualcomm announced its Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset yesterday, making for a slight improvement...

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Indian Bus Simulator is a Well-Crafted New Sim Game

Indian Bus Simulator Price: Free Rating: ****½ (4.5/5) Android Game Review by As our loyal readers know, we’ve covered quite a few sim games over the years and the genre only keeps getting better and better. Indian Bus Simulator is a slick bus driving sim that puts you right in the action with realism […]Go to Source Author: Jimbo Go to Source Author:...

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Square Enix Is Bringing the 2015 Launched Free to Play ‘Dragon Quest of the Stars’ to the West in 2020 and Here’s How You Can Sign Up for the Closed Beta

Back in 2015, Shaun wrote about Dragon Quest of the Stars which was a free to play social RPG planned for iOS and Android devices in Japan. It was eventually downloaded over 20 million times since. Usually, writing about a new Dragon Quest mobile game means I always have to specify that there’s a good chance it might not release outside Japan. Four years later, Dragon Quest of the Stars has been announced for release globally on iOS and Android. It isn’t Dragon Quest Walk but I’m not going to say no to a new Dragon Quest release for the West. Watch the live action trailer for it below: A closed beta for it has been planned for just Android at the moment. This will be available from October 30th until November 28th and you can sign up for it here. The beta will include customisation, story sequences, and multiplayer. Registration has just gone live for it on the official website. When it launched in 2015, it looked like it was using some elements from the early 3D Dragon Quest games visually. Check it out on Google Play here. With Dragon Quest Builders 2 on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, Dragon Quest XI S on Nintendo Switch and last year’s release of the vanilla game on PS4 and PC, Square Enix seems to be giving the West another chance at...

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