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Month: November 2019

Deal: 92% off 5TB Polar Backup cloud storage

Cloud storage is the only surefire way to avoid losing your important files. Premium storage options can be pricey, but this is your chance to get lifetime access to 5TB of Polar Backup cloud storage for a one-off payment of just $69.99. Polar Backup is a complete backup solution to protect your prized photos, videos, important documents, and thousands of gigabytes of irreplaceable data. Intuitive and user-friendly, this platform gives you full control of your data, letting you easily manage, sort, locate, and preview files with just a click.  Manage, sort, locate, and preview with just a click. Many cloud storage services boast that they have the most secure platform or the easiest way to find your files, but Polar Backup lives up to its word. It relies on Amazon Web Services and GDPR compliance to keep your data safe and accessible to only you. With Polar Backup, based in Finland, there’s a strong emphasis on cutting-edge technology. Duplication and redundancy keep your data easily accessible and manageable. Polar Backup cloud storage highlights: 5TB storage for life Amazon AWS infrastructure AES 256 encryption Local, external, and network backup drives 5TB of cloud storage should be plenty for most people, and a lifetime subscription is worth almost $1,000. This weekend only, you can sign up for just $69.99.  If you don’t need quite that much storage, Polar Backup also offers great...

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Toddler vs tech: 5 horrying things that have happened to my tech toys

Signing up to be a parent is a huge commitment that forever changes your life. Your finances are now slashed apart and you have a child that comes first no matter what. You have much less time for your significant other and your nice car gets replaced for a minivan that’s riddled with cheerios in the back. One thing that parenting magazines don’t focus on is what having a child means for your tech toys. As a geek dad, I’ve seen a lot of good tech end up taking some pretty notable abuse from my children. Here’s a look at just some of the victims my three children have terrified throughout the years. Editor’s note: If you’re not a parent or thinking about becoming a parent, perhaps the following article won’t directly relate to you. Still, if you’re curious just how destructively evil children can be, feel free to stick around and enjoy my misery. Sony PlayStation 3 meets nine DVDs My now-ten-year-old daughter was around three when this incident happened. I bring it up because it was the first time I had witnessed the raw destructive power of a toddler. Little did I know this was a very small incident and only a sample of what was to come. Bottom line, my daughter ended up getting into the DVDs and decided it would be fun to shove them...

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Deal: Save over 99% on Python and Django training

To launch a career in web development, you’ll need a very specific set of skills. Thankfully not Liam Neeson type skills, rather some top-notch programming skills. Learning these skills is more affordable than ever this Black Friday weekend, as you can pick up the Python and Django Web Development Bundle for the promotion price of only $11 using our coupon code. Build web development fundamentals in just 10 hours. This hands-on learning kit starts your training with the very basics, so don’t worry if you’re not a natural coding whiz. From there you’ll move on to manipulating strings, while loops, fizzbuzz, and a whole load of other techy techniques. That’s all just the first hour.  After you’ve become a Python wrangler, you’ll start practicing Django. I promise it’s less intimidating than the Tarantino flick, and by the time you’re done, you’ll be able to build a website where you rate your own favorite films. You’ll even have the opportunity to practice with a project where you build your own cryptocurrency news site. The Python and Django bundle: Programming for Everyone — $200 value Intro To Django with Python For Web Development — $200 value Python Django Web Development: To-Do App — $200 value Build a Cryptocurrency News Site — $200 value Build a User Authentication Web App — $200 value How to Push Apps to Heroku for Web Hosting — $200 value Build a Cryptocurrency...

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ABaire reveals how he feels before going “Ghost 2.0”

ABaire, a Bronx, New York-based rapper, drops an impressive new track, “Ghost 2.0.”  In under two minutes, ABaire turns to introspection in order to make us all feel something. If you’re ready to go through his emotional process, turn this song on and let yourself enter his mind for a little while.     “Ghost […] The post ABaire reveals how he feels before going “Ghost 2.0” appeared first on EARMILK. Go to Source Author:...

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