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Month: September 2021

Protect your iPhone 13 with an Otterbox case for 25% off from Verizon

Credit: Verizon Let’s be honest; we’ve all dropped our phones at some point or another — holding our breath as it bounces off a hard surface. Sometimes we get lucky, suffering only a few scratches. But there’s nothing worse than having huge cracks down the glass of your screen. When it comes to protecting your phone from drops, bumps, and fumbles, Otterbox cases have one of the best reputations. With the iPhone 13 Otterbox cases on sale for 25% off, you can save yourself peace of mind by knowing your new iPhone 13 is safe from any accident. See Also: The best Otterbox cases During its September event, Apple tried to highlight the iPhone 13’s durability by dropping and picking it up on stage. However, that theatrical demonstration isn’t comparable to the barrage of wear and tear we subject our phones to every day. Although the glass that protects the iPhone 13’s screen is Ceramic Shield — a similar material to Gorilla Glass — it is not invulnerable. Otterbox cases often make our best phone case brand list because of their long-term protection. The somewhat bulky cases are built for durability and are available in a range of colors. Related: Picking the best case for your new phone Dishing out $700 to $1,000 for one of the new iPhone 13 models is an investment you’ll want to protect. Should...

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How to watch Microsoft’s Surface event 2021 and what to expect

Credit: Microsoft Microsoft’s next Surface event is set to be held on September 22. The showcase is bound to be more important than most for the Redmond giant for the simple reason that Windows 11 is launching on October 5. The company needs showcase hardware for its latest OS, and indeed at least four new Windows devices are expected, along with the next Android-based Surface Duo. Here’s how to watch, and some of the rumors surrounding the whole lineup. What time is the Surface event? The livestream kicks off at 8AM Pacific time. For convenience, here’s when some other major cities/time zones can tune in: Chicago: 10AM New York: 11AM London: 4PM Berlin: 5PM Moscow: 6PM New Delhi: 8:30PM Singapore: 11PM Sydney: 1AM How can I watch the Surface launches? There will be two main ways to watch: Microsoft’s event page, or the Surface YouTube channel. Surface Pro 8 Credit: GSM Arena The Surface Pro 8 is probably the most anticipated Surface product. The Pro 7 dates back to October 2019, and since the series represent the core of the Surface universe, they’re often where Microsoft brings its A-game. According to The Verge, the Pro 8 will move to a bigger display with smaller bezels, making it more competitive with Apple’s iPad Pro as well as other touchscreen PCs. The current Pro 7 has a 12.3-inch panel, that’s still...

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SwitchArcade Round-Up: A New Switch Online Game Trial is Coming Tomorrow, Plus the Latest News, Releases, and Sales

Hello gentle readers, and welcome to the SwitchArcade Round-Up for September 21st, 2021. Well, my medical procedure finished quicker and with fewer lasting effects than I anticipated. That means that I did in fact have time to put together a Round-Up for you all, albeit a somewhat more abbreviated one. Nevertheless, we still have some interesting news items to check out, along with a new release and the usual lists of new and expiring sales. Let’s go! News Switch Online Subscribers Can Try Out ‘Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town’ It’s been a little bit since the last game trial for North American Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. The latest one will begin tomorrow and run through next Tuesday. The game in question is none other than Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, the latest in the storied farming simulation series. This game had a bit of a rough launch but has seen a few patches to address a variety of issues. Basically, it’s a good time to check it out. If you decide you want to keep it, the game will be available at a discount for the next little while. Your progress in the trial version will carry over to the full game. Swery’s ‘The Good Life’ Launches October 15th The latest game from Swery, the mind behind the Deadly Premonition series, finally has a release...

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Hands-on video of Pixel 6 Pro prototype leaves nothing to imagination

Credit: Twitter A Google Pixel 6 Pro hands-on video just hit Twitter. The brief video shows a prototype model that looks nearly identical to what we expect the retail models to look like. Assuming there are no drastic differences between this and the final product, this is our best look yet at the Pixel 6 Pro. Although Google has already shown us its upcoming slate of flagships, we haven’t seen them “in the flesh,” so to speak. Aside from the glassed-in immovable models on display in New York City, all we’ve seen are renders. That changes today…sort of. On Twitter, M. Brandon Lee shared a prototype Google Pixel 6 Pro hands-on video. The model is definitely not a retail unit — the logo on the back is a dead giveaway. However, it looks to be a late-stage prototype and could very well be a dead ringer for the models we’ll see in stores later this year. See also: Everything we know so far about the Google Pixel 6 series Check out the video embedded in the tweet below. I think this may be the first hands on video leak of a Google Pixel 6 Pro. FYI: The logo would indicate that this is likely an early production test unit, so that means there may be some differences between what you see here and the actual production device. #teampixel —...

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